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Inner City Soccer and Houston Dynamo CDP Presents:  SUN CUP Soccer Tournament 2016

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Teams already accepted:

*  All the champions from the Houston CUP (June 11-12)

*  All Houston CDP teams. (9 teams)

Our soccer tournament is has entered in an agreement with the Copa Rayados International (Nov. 23-27, 2016) to be held in Houston, TX.  Now the champions of the age groups 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005 will automatically be accepted of the 2016 Copa Rayados International.  For more information, go at the end of this page.

Official 2016 Copa Rayados International website:  a.

This 2016 soccer tournament is of the 11v11 format (8v8 and 6v6 on the younger groups) to help all players develop their soccer skills.  Only a two day tournament.  The games will be played in nice grass fields.

-- Two day tournament.  The tournament will start around 9:00 AM.
-- Age groups: unlike most tournaments, this tournament will be calendar year (January 1) and NOT STYSA format (August 1).  These will be the age groups we will have (please notice the calendar year).

-- Location: All games will be played at the Parque Azteca,
which is located at:
718 Aldine Mail RTE Rd. • Houston, TX 77037

-- Deadline to register a team is   Sunday, August 14 , 2016.

-- Schedules will be ready on  Tuesday, August 16 , 2016.

Age Group
Team Level: 1 being the TOP level
Team Name and Age Group
Cell Number and Contact Name

Age Group
Team Level: 1 being the TOP level
Team Name and Age Group
Contact Name and Cell


The Check-in is mandatory. No team may play in a game without checking-in.
Check-in: Friday before the tournament at Parque Azteca from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM.
Teams must pay the registration fee and fill-in the official roster form.
All check-ins must be done at the Main Tournament Tent.
At Check-in:
-- Players do not have to be present, just an adult person (team representative) from the team.
-- The team representative will turn-in the official tournament roster.
--  Teams must show proof of age for each player/
-- Please see the proof of age section.

Schedules and Results
When schedules are ready, click on the age group below

  2010 (6v6)  
2009 (6v6) 2008 (8v8) 2007 (8v8)
2006 (8v8) 2005 (8v8) 2004 (11v11)
2003 (11v11) 2002 (11v11) 2001 (11v11)
2000 (11v11) 1999-98 (11v11) U18 Girls (11v11)

Tournament Director
: Juan E. Vasquez-Ani, Cell: 713-210-9090, juanvasquezani@yahoo.com

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**  The Copa Rayados International is a prestigious tournament to be held November 23-27, 2016 in Houston, Texas where over 60 International teams are expected to attend.
**  The champions of the 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005 age divisions will automatically be accepted  for the 2016 International Copa Rayados.
**  The champions are still responsible for the fees and must register by September 1st for their place to be honored.
**  All teams must  follow the registration and tournament rules.
**  Official 2016 Copa Rayados International website: