.. 2023-2024

Intent: Teams to be active during the winter break and to play competitive games.

Location:  There will be 3 parks around the Houston area where each team can choose its home field.

1. Bear Creek Park (3560 War Memorial St, Houston, TX 77084)
2. USA Park (8341 Hall Rd, Houston, TX 77075)
3. North Shore Park (14440 Wallisville Rd, Houston, TX 77049)

Dates:  Each team will play 5 games and these are the important dates:

Friday, December 29th: Deadline for schedule requests and team registrations.
Monday, January 1: Pre-schedule will be presented to club representatives
Wednesday, January 3: Schedule will be ready
⚽ Jan 13-14 - Week #1 - First Games
⚽ Jan 20-21   - Week #2    
⚽ Jan. 27-28 - Week #3
-- Feb 03-04 is the start of EDPL. All games will be scheduled on Sundays from here on.
⚽ Feb 03-04 - Week #4  
⚽ Feb 10-11 - Week #5
⚽ Feb 17-18 - Week #6 - Championship Week
⚽ Fen 24-25 - Rain-out

March 09-10. Copa Mariachi Juvenil

Copa Mariachi: Division "A" champions will get a 50% discount of the entry fee to play in the Mariachi Cup Juvenil -2024. More information coming soon.

Note: All High School aged games will be played on Sundays.

Flexible Schedules in case a team cannot play a weekend.

Div. A:  Most Competitive (1st division and better)
Div. B:  Lower 1st Division and Super 2.
Div. C:  Lower Super 2 and Division 2.
Note: Boys will have divisions A, B, C and girls will have divisions A and B.

Costs:  5 game season, which includes referee fees (one referee) and field fees (it does not include referee fees for the championship week):

2017-2016 (5v5): $30 per player, 20m/half
2015-2014 (7v7): $30 per player 25m/half
2013-2012 (9v9): $30 per player, 30m/half
2011-2008 (11v11):  $30 per player, 35m/half
2007-2005 (11-11): $30 per player 40m/half - These games will only be played Sundays so they will not interfere with High School Games.
Club Players:  $15 per player for players who are already registered with another team in the same club.

There is no roster limit.

Player ID’s:  Will need to use their STYSA or US Club Soccer ID’s.

Club Organization:  Each club will have at least one representative in the WhatsApp group for league messages and rain-out information.

Player Registration: Each register will sign up his/her club players and will pay the fees.

Championship weekend:  The top 4 teams from each division will participate in the single elimination semifinals and finals, which will be played in one day.   Please note that in these games, an additional referee fee will be assessed. For 11v11 and 9v9 games, 3 referees will be assigned. The referee fees for the championship will be as follows for:
-5v5 games: $25 referee fee per game per team
-7v7 games: $35 referee fee per game per team
-9v9 games: $60 referee fee per game per team (3 referees)
-11v11 games: $80 referee fee per game per team (3 referees)

Awards:  A team trophy will be given to the champion team and medals will be awarded to both finalists.

Limit day to register a player:  The Friday before each weekend to play that weekend and no later than the last regular season game.

Date: March 09-10, 2024

Location: USA Park (Houston, Texas)

More information coming soon.

To be played in April of 2024.

More information coming soon.

Costs:  TBA

Location:  There will be 4 to 6 parks around the Houston area where each team can choose its home field.

9-game season

1.  June 08-09
2.  June 15-16
3.  June 22-23
4.  June 29-30
5.  July 06-07
6.  July 13-14
7.  July 20-21
8.  July 27-28
9.  Aug 03-04
10.  Aug 10-11: Championship Week
11.  Aug 17-18:  Rain-out Date

More information coming soon.

More information coming soon.